Deign to Dig a Pony

So The Devine Ms M and I visited a local haunt of tapas trove, Digapony in Yarraville yesterday for a late lunch.

Given the wide choice of plates on offer, we opted for the 8 course tasting menu, which judging by the noisy larger tables around us, was a popular choice.


We first had a smoked salmon cone, caramelised onion croquettes and a cute brown paper bag of cauliflower popcorn. The design and flavour of the “popcorn” was reminiscent of the now defunct Sharing House at Docklands. The small florets coated lightly and deep fried, slightly crisp on the outside but soft and cooked through in the middle.


The smoked salmon was delicate and was accompanied by a creamy but delicate sauce which lightened the dish and was refreshing, and the crispy, shattering cone added a good textural contrast. I did notice the cone left my fingers slightly greasy. And as Ms M pointed out the cone could’ve done with some lemon to add a zing and lift the dish a bit more.

The croquette was one of my favourites, the filling very soft and with a beautiful deep sweet richness of caramelised onion, almost like French onion soup in fried form. The batter also wasn’t too thick so that the crisp exterior yielded easily to reveal the gooey deliciousness within.


Next came the beetroot salad. Probably the worst dish of the lot. The homemade cheese curd did have some flavour but the beetroot had very little. It also wasn’t seasoned properly and the beetroot jelly left me with a lingering sweet taste on my palate, somewhat unpleasant for a savoury dish.


Oh, but the confit ocean trout. Absolutely beautiful. The soft mouth meltingly tender trout with lovely flavour, well seasoned and accomapnied by new season asparagus spears. Ms M’s fsvourite. It did come with an “almond gazpacho” which we were puzzled by as it tasted more like hummus and was neither soupy nor contained tomato or capsicum, far as we could tell.


The poached chicken and crispy legs came next. The poached breast was absolutely as tender and juicy a piece of chicken as I’ve ever had. I suspect sous vide. And the luscious garlic cream sauce just took it to a new level. But the legs were disappointingly dry, overly salty and not really crispy. The leeks were also tough on the outside with only sweet insides being visible once you pressed more firmly within.


And we’ve journeyed to dessert. The blood orange cake was dense, sweet and tasty, with my favourite accompaniment being the candied rind. The ice cream and jellies were also tasty, with the orange segments providing some refreshment. The churros on the other hand weren’t quite as pillowy soft as you would like and the chocolate sauce was a major disappointment. It tasted only faintly of cocoa and I suspected was nothing more than melted cheap milk chocolate, certainly none of the luscious decadence of a rich dark chocolate ganache.

So bit of a mixed bag from diapony. Some of the dishes were slow to be served and table often not cleared quickly enough. But my Pimms cup certainly was refreshing.

So bottoms up & keep living long & loving food!

Food.             3/5

Service          3/5

Decor.           4/5

Location.     4/5

TB overall percentage: 70% needs to work harder!

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2 thoughts on “Deign to Dig a Pony

  1. Hi there,
    I can’t help but point out a possible mathematical error. You state the overall percentage is 70%, but the scores you wrote add up to a 35% average. Just thought I’d let you know. It’s also Pimm’s, not Primms. Actually, your article has several grammatical errors. Did you even proofread this after you finished writing it?

    • Hi Brigitte- My maths may not be the greatest but I’m pretty sure (3+ 3 + 4 + 4) / 20 x 100 = 70%. You’ll note that I put “overall percentage” and not “average percentage” which is what you quoted and I assume the way you arrived at 35% is to add up the scores and divide by 4? Not really how I measure restaurants, as I am trying to gauge overall experience, based on food, service etc which is why I award separate scores and then give a percentage at the end. The percentage marking is really just to make it easier for people to compare different rankings on reviews, both comparing against my other reviews and comparing against urbanspoon and then make up their own mind about the restaurant.

      I am aware that it is Pimms, not Primms. I usually do proofread but as I also work a 70 hour week professionally, I will probably make some errors here and there.

      But I appreciate the feedback. All provides for a more animated discussion!

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