Jimmy Grants a super tasty souva

A couple of weeks ago, the Devine Ms M and I arranged a catch up at this new Fitzroy local for a girly debrief and to sample George Calombaris’ latest offerings.

Having never been to one of George’s restaurants before, (most are a bit out of my price-range of my current price-range and my failure to turn up at Gazi booking has left me too embarrassed to go back) I was excited to see whether it would live up to the Masterchef hype.

It did not fail to impress. First of all, when you turn the corner into the nifty sized taverna you are met with a sliding glass door that you need to touch to open (yes the pressing your hand against the actual door, not just stand in front of it). Cute start.

You then order and pay for your food at a counter, including any non-alcoholic bevvies. We ordered the following:

– Lamb and chicken souva

– Prawn Souva

– Pulse salad

– Village salad

– Chips

First thing you notice when you bite into the neatly tucked and rolled souvas that arrive at the table are that the bases are perfect. They are a slightly thicker, doughier wrap, more springy and less like the paper-thin wrapping you get at most souvlaki joints and more akin to a pita pocket density.

It’s great because you need something denser to pair with the flavour-packed meat. I had the souva with both chicken and lamb. Both meats were very tasty, with the chicken being particularly juicy, no mean feat for lean pieces of protein that are either to be disastrously undercooked or dry and flaky. The spice on the lamb was tantalising and the special surprise which Ms M put it “Oh, the chips come in the wrap!” Not the first eatery to do so but delicious nonetheless.

As Ms M also pointed out, my pulse salad was the same as served in up-market St Katherine’s (of course also part of the Calombaris chain) but a bigger portion and much lighter on the hip pocket. I really enjoyed the textural contrast between the softness of the pulses and the crunch of the nuts. The fresh herbs and yoghurt also refreshed the pallet, especially after the richness of the meat in the souva.

My cider was also quite nice and Ms M enjoyed her organic blood orange drink. This brand wasn’t bitterly acerbic (as some organic lemonades certainly can be).

The feta on the chips was a revelation, reminiscent of the parmesan crusted thick crinkle cut chips at the Bottom End. The salty, slightly creamy cheese with a slight zesty zing provided the perfect accompaniment to perfectly crisp golden chips.

Ms M also greatly enjoyed her prawn souva and her only regret was being unable to finish the large portion of chips which we were sharing. But there’s always room for dessert! And a home-made wagon wheel was bought and safely tucked away in a handbag as we made our departure from JG’s.

All in all a very satisfactory experience. And the biggest revelation, only $25 per person! We will be back (or else I’ll have to suck it up and go to Gazi)

Live long and love food! xx
Food                 4/5

Service             3/5

Décor               4/5

Location         4/5

TB Overall Percentage:  75%, rising star!

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